Prodigy Math Game

Monday, June 4, 2018
Have you tried Prodigy yet? My students are completely OBSESSED with this math game! 

A few tips:
  • I like to save Prodigy as a trick up my sleeve for the spring time. I don't want my students to get burned out on it, and also they get a little silly about it... so I save it and introduce it right around state testing time. I assign test prep questions for them to answer and they are so excited about the new game that they don't realize they are practicing!
  • Prodigy is a GREAT reward for completed work, good behavior, etc
  • Be sure to send home the login information - this is a game your students will actually play at home!

Prodigy is a free to use, curriculum-aligned, adaptive, online, RPG (Role Playing Game) style video game. Join 800,000 teachers and over 28 million registered students throughout 2800+ school districts in using the game that will revolutionize the way you approach math instruction!  

Featuring over 50,000 questions spanning Grades 1 - 8 in 6 different curricula, players will get to watch their very own wizard grow stronger, learn new spells and acquire new equipment while facing ever more powerful opponents, all by answering math questions! 

As a Prodigy Champion, I would love to help you get started using this engaging platform with your students! Comment below if you have any questions!

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