Breaking Up a Large DonorsChoose Project Into Manageable Chunks

Saturday, June 9, 2018
One of the best tips for writing projects is to keep your project cost as low as possible. This increases your chance of funding!

Oops, did you already write a BIG project? Read below to see how to easily break it apart into more manageable chunks!

STOP and read this first: Does your project already have donations? If they are from someone you know, this is good news. They will get an email about your project being removed and they will be able to pass the donation back to you. If they are strangers, chances are 50-50 they will re-donate the money to you vs. another teacher. This is important to think about before archiving!

OK, Ready to get started?

First you will need to archive your existing project...

Then, write multiple, smaller projects for the items you wanted for your large project - break it into logical parts. They can even have the same title, just name them “Part 1” Part 2, etc… (I do this all the time - see photo.)

If you need to go back and look at your old project to cut and paste ideas or see what items you shopped for, look here:

Hope this helps! Post a link to your new project in the comments below!

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