Daily Reflections Using ClassDojo's Student Stories

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I've been a ClassDojo user since it began, but 2017-2018 was my first year using the "Student Stories" feature. I used it for a daily reflection for my students at the end of each day. 

We started out the year with two sentence stems that they were required to write about:
  1. One thing I am proud of today is...
  2. One thing I could have done better today is...
Here is an example of a student reflection from the Fall:

Once they mastered that, I had them start adding "because" to their sentences. 

Eventually, I gave them more variety of sentence stems to use (with the requirement of choosing at least two per day):

My goals for this were:
  1. to get my students to reflect on their learning and their behavior
  2. to improve their keyboarding and writing skills
  3. to involve parents more in our day to day learning/work - THIS was huge! These daily reflections gave parents a springboard for dinner table conversation! 

ClassDojo is implementing "Student Portfolios" in the coming school year - I can't wait to see what is new! 

PS - here are some of my favorite last day of school reflections:

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