DonorsChoose - Helpful Tips from a Volunteer Teacher Ambassador

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Need help writing your first project? I would love to help out! I am one of several Volunteer Teacher Ambassadors for the State of Florida!

Here are some step by step instructions for writing your first project:

(Want to print this out and save it for later? Download here from TPT)
  1. Create your account on
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on “Create a Project” (blue button)
  4. Click “Let’s Go” (green button)
  5. Describe your students.
    • Describe the demographics at your school
    • Keep it positive
    • Talk about special programs your school has to help students succeed
  6. Click the green “Save and Continue” button.
  7. Select a vendor for items you want for your classroom (you can combine more than one vendor into a single project).
  8. Another window will open. Shop on the vendor’s website just like you would normally. Keep your total around $200-300 (the smaller the project, the better your chances of being funded).
  9. Go through the checkout process on the vendor’s website, this will send your cart to
  10. The vendor website will close and you will be back on You should see your items that you had in your shopping cart in a list.
  11. Write a one sentence summary of what you are requesting. You will add a more detailed description later.
  12. Continue through the project submission process. Follow the directions to describe your project and how it will impact your students. Don’t forget to check for spelling and grammar errors!

  • When you receive donations, be sure to thank your donors each time!
  • Once funded, follow the instructions for your Thank-You package carefully!
Are you a teacher in Florida who wants support with Please comment below with any questions you might have. Also, please come and join our Facebook Group!

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