My Classroom Library

Sunday, June 3, 2018
My classroom library is the part of my classroom I am most proud of! It has been a work in progress for the past 18 years. I am sure I have thousands of books... I am not really sure of a total number (or amount of money spent!) over that time. 

My books (most of which came from Scholastic Book Clubs and many projects over the years), are sorted by genre. Each genre is in a different colored tub/bin/basket from Really Good Stuff

The green bins are Informational/Non-fiction.

The yellow bins are Biographies. I am in the process of trying to add more biographies (specifically more about women and people of color) and I have had to somewhat rearrange this section and make more room for the books. (It doesn't look like this any more. I need bigger bins, and I moved it to a different spot where there were more shelves.) 

The blue bins are Fantasy books. Right now I am trying to get more graphic novels, specifically more DogMan books by Dav Pilkey! My students are obsessed and this rare photo of the DogMan books actually in their bin is only like that because we were cleaning out their book boxes for the end of the school year! Usually the DogMan bin on the bottom shelf is empty!!

The purple bins are Realistic Fiction. I am trying to add more series/popular characters.

Brown = Historical Fiction
Pink = Mystery
Orange = Science Fiction
Red = Traditional Literature

All of my bins are labeled with these labels I found on TeachersPayTeachers. This set had ALMOST everything I needed. (No set could possibly cover my entire ridiculous classroom library, but this comes close.) Each bin has a colored dot with a number (the color matches the bin color) and all of the books have the same colored dot/number which makes them easy for my students to put away.

My students have their own book boxes. They trade their books every Monday. They are supposed to pick one from each genre (color) every week, to read a variety of different kinds of books. 

Oh, I almost forgot... This new section that I added this year has books by popular authors. This picture was taken before I finished labelling them, but the bins and books have white dot labels. 

I hope this helps you organize your own classroom library! Please comment down below with your questions or suggestions!

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